Goal Setting: Map Out a Winning Strategy

Goal Setting: Map Out a Winning Strategy

This article originally appeared in a winter, 2016 TTF newsletter.

Open water dreaming?  Whether you’re planning your first sprint or training for a new PB, it’s not too late to set those goals for 2016.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as you map out your winning strategy


  • Your goals are unique.  Keep them realistic and measurable. 
  • Have multiple benchmarks.  Crossing the line may be the ultimate prize, but set other small goals along the way to help gauge your success.
  • To race or not to race?  Designate an “A” race date but know that you always learn something from a “B” or “C” race too (just make sure there’s sufficient recovery time in between).
  • Have a triathlon budget. Eliminate surprises and determine what money and time to invest in your performance (remember it’s also an investment in your overall health).
  • Start from the core. Don’t even think of getting in a pool, on a bike or into some running shoes if you’re weak in basic posture or range of motion.  Do yourself a favour and book an assessment with a physiotherapist or chiropractor.
  • Focus on strengths AND weaknesses.  So you’re an accomplished runner who’s weak in swimming (if I had a dollar for every time…).  Hit the pool more frequently at the onset to increase your comfort and skills and then taper off your frequency mid-season.
  • Quality trumps quantity. Every workout should serve a purpose even if it’s just a slow recovery or technical drills.
  • Be consistent.  Remember, the race is not tomorrow.  Keep a big picture outlook and work backwards from where you want to be to where you are today.

-Coach Jas

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