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One Size Does Not Fit All

With hundreds of free and low-cost triathlon training schedules out there, why hire a coach? True, many beginners might find that a generic training guide is all they need—they are able to modify it as necessary, and get themselves to the starting line. But training is not one size fits all.

Hiring a coach means getting the right workout, at the right time, for you. It means targeted training created with your specific challenges and goals in mind, that evolves as you do.

I care about each and every athlete that I work with; much more than handing down workouts, I build partnerships, working alongside my athletes as they pursue their goals.

Are you happy with your current fitness?

Do you want to try a tri but don’t know where to start?

Have you reached a plateau and would like to improve your performance?

Did you follow a training strategy?

What were the external factors beyond your control?

How are you going to prepare better next time?

My job satisfaction is directly related to your achievement.



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